So on December 7, 2015, I ordered a series of light novels from cdjapan.com. The series I ordered is called 12 Kingdoms (there’s a Japanese and English version for all of the books I believe). I got all 10 Japanese volumes (it’s technically 8 but some of them are split into 2 books). I’m going to start reading them on Sunday! They say there’s no time like the present, but if I start doing something, I prefer to start on a Sunday. It’s Friday now, so I don’t have to wait long. This way the little wait I have gets me extra excited when it’s time to start.

I’ve been on a nocturnal schedule lately, but yesterday I think I finally reverted to a “normal” schedule. Mwahahahaha!

Here are some pics cause I was extra happy about getting my books:


Novel Log

Here I shall keep track of novels that I complete in the languages that I’m learning!


November 17-December 9, 2015: Kuroko no Basuke-Replace