Hello There!

*shifty eyes* It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well here’s an update: I finished all of the Shin Kanzen Master Dokkai (Reading) book!!!! *throws confetti* It was a rough road, but I got through it, some kind of way. Again, I haven’t been studying Korean as much, but I’m not doing nothing so I feel good. I actually just heard from Korean Vitamin about KBS Radio’s 독서실 and it’s like an extra treasure chest of materials! That + TTMIK’s resources (I purchased Kyeungeun’s Audiobooks) = HEAVEN!!!! I love having extra resources. That’s why I keep buying books I know I don’t need lol. I went to the beauty supply store not too long ago and I spoke a bit of Korean to the clerk. He was shocked (of course) and I felt some satisfaction at being brave (I’m an extremely shy person). I’m going to go back to that store just to speak in Korean one day. A list of things that have happened in April:

  • Finished Shin Kanzen Master Dokkai (technically finished this May 2, but majority of it was done in April)
  • Spoke Korean to a store clerk
  • Prince’s death (my mom’s all time favorite singer)
  • Went to see Purple Rain in honor of his death
  • Job interview (it’s very possible that I’ll get the job, I feel like the interview went well)

Ummmm…I think that’s it for an update on what I’ve been up to! I also read this post (I just found her blog), and learned about the Super Challenge! Basically it’s reading 100 books (1 book = 50 pages) and watching 100 films (1 film = 90 minutes) by the end of December 2017. NOT 2016, 2017! This is not a typo. So there’s a LOT of time for this challenge, and I think I want to try it out. The only thing is I’m usually not good with long term things, so maybe halfway through I’ll forget or something…but I won’t let myself do that! (I hope). It gives me more reason to read through these Japanese books I have and watch more things. I’ve been so focused on reading lately that I almost forget I need to be listening too. At the moment I don’t have as many books in Korean, so I’m not sure if I should tack on Korean to the challenge as well. I’ll just go with the flow and see where I am. Mother’s Day is coming up! I have an idea on what to get Mommy, but I’m still trying to think of a gift for Grammy…if anybody’s out there…any gift ideas?