My Goodness!

It’s been awhile again huh? >< But! I’m not complaining! I applied for a job and I’m in the midst of applying for another. If I get either one, I get to use either my Japanese or Korean skills! I haven’t been doing nothing! And because these are jobs that require a higher level of the languages that I’m studying (JLPT N2 and really good business Korean. They didn’t measure Korean using TOPIK so I’m not sure about that one), I’m forced to study more so I can be up to par with everyone applying! which leads me to: this has been a productive week so far! I took a mock TOPIK I test and got 183/200! I haven’t forgotten my Korean! Watching those dramas really helped! xD I was going to take practice tests all week to test my week spots in my languages, but on Wednesday, I just decided to jump right in to studying! I won’t disclose my schedule, but I’ll upload it when I’m finished with everything. No matter how I try to put stuff on my blog here to hold myself accountable, it doesn’t work. SO, this time, I’m going to go through with the schedule (hopefully) and THEN upload so everyone can see what I did (and how crazy I am ^^;)! It’s only been 2 days and I’ll be going for about 8 weeks so….I have quite a ways to go. I won’t say I’m doing well until 2 weeks in. but I don’t know if it’s because of the jobs I applied for or the way I changed my study habits or what, but I really enjoyed the last 2 days and my brain doesn’t hurt (yet) from overstudying, cause that can be just as bad as not studying enough @_@

I leave you all with this! My embarrassing recording of me reading an entry from 연세 읽기 3! Hopefully I’ll get a lot of these up (but I just looked through the book and a lot of the passages are LONG so I doubt it @_@). I had to record this in parts cause the passage was pretty long and I kept messing up. So you guys can probably hear where I stopped and started and paused and clipped and everything >_< But take it one step at a time right? Right.

Yonsei Reading 1