Can’t Keep Up

*sigh* As soon as I get “my mojo” back, I get lazy-ish. -_- In my defense, it’s been a busy week with a lot of birthdays, and my Uncle Dwayne came to town, and I Skyped with my Japanese friend. We spoke in Japanese, but just for a LITTLE bit. Like it’s not even worth mentioning how much we talked (in Japanese of course, the regular conversation was over 3 hours xD).

I’ve come up with a plan that can get me to Japan or Korea, so I’ll work on that. Then when I get over to one of the countries, I’ll want to study all the time! Mwahahahahahaaa!!!! Or at least I’ll be forced to interact with people which in turn will become a form of study. I won’t mention it here at the moment, but know that I am working on something and not completely letting my life go to waste! Until then, I’ll get back on track with my used to be good study habits!


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