My Mojo!

Thanks to Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) I got my mojo back for studying Korean! They have a series called Story Time where a teacher has a short story that they tell (through video) and the video has Korean subtitles. If you subscribe to it I think you get a Korean and English transcript of the video with a breakdown of vocab and grammar. I still don’t have a job, so all of my money will have to be saved at the moment, but I’m making it work on my own… (at least I think so xD) They also have a News in Korean series that I wanted to work on, but for the samples, they seem to only put the audio. If I can’t check what I’m studying, I don’t wanna get into the habit of studying the wrong way. Habits are hard to break. So I’ll hold off until I have money to subscribe or the listening skills and confidence to do it without the transcripts. Anyway, for the Story Time series I watched the video once (경화 speaks soooo quickly @.@) to see how much I could catch (without reading the subtitles). The first time I wasn’t able to catch much of anything _-_ But after writing out my own transcript (using the subs) I would read along to what she was saying. Then I tried to start shadowing her. It was such a painful process xD But I enjoyed it! *I’m not a masochist guys* Now (after hours and hours of shadowing) I can ALMOST say the full script with 경화! Progression for the win!!!

I’m following the same structure I was doing for Japanese with the Kanji sheets. I started listening to the story, and the first time I listened to it (after learning the kanji, I listened to it once when I first got the book) I probably understood a little more than 50%. By the time I listened to it over and over and over (probably a good thousand times) I understood about 90%. I could probably contribute that to knowing the flow of the story by the last time I listened to it, but as they say: repetition is key!

I love when I can see the progression I’m making! It’s such a good feeling!


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