Happy March!

I hope everyone enjoyed February and had a good start to March! Did you know, today (technically yesterday if you’re on the other side of the world ><) is the day Korea celebrates 삼일절 (Samiljeol)/the March 1st Movement? According to Wikipedia (the most trustful source on the Internet….note my sarcasm), “This day commemorates the March 1st Movement in 1919. On March 1 of this year, 33 Korean nationalists and students declared their nation’s independence in Seoul. It started a nation-wide civil protest and was a catalyst for the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea (April 13, 1919).”

SNSD member, Sunny wrote this in celebration of the movement: “역사를 잊은 민족에게 미래는 없다 (There is no future for a country that forgot its history).” A lot of Japanese fans took that as an insult to themselves, and Korean fans quickly defended her. It’s not surprising that a quote like this sparked controversy, but I agree with her statement. Korean history is very similar to African American/Black history, but in a shorter time span. America seems to want to erase the bad things that happened in the past, or completely sweep it under the rug, but not facing the problem is becoming the problem. Not talking about it still creates a lot of ignorant people, who, when confronted with the truth, can either take it really well, or really….not so well. Haha lack of word choices >< But there will always be someone fighting for justice, spreading the truth, and keeping the knowledge alive. It would be terrible for a culture, especially one that contributed so much to this “land of the FREE”, to be wiped out/erased. Black people no matter where they come from are amazing and America teaches a great deal of ignorance towards them. I’m not great with words, so despite having more to say about the subject, I’ll stop here…

On a lighter note, I’ve almost finished the application for grad school in Korea! I wonder if I could really get the scholarship…


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