Senioritis ㅎ

I’m not neglecting my blog I promise!

But I have a really bad case of senioritis. For those that don’t know what that is, here’s a definition: A virus which seems to affect mainly second semester seniors (A/N: Me), with few exceptions (First semester Seniors etc). This virus can be deadly to one’s grades, as the carrier becomes totally apathetic about their grades, classes, homework etc. This results in many “Zeros ( 0 )” or failing grades – ultimately leading to the drastic lowering of the grade in the carrier’s classes. Side effects include: Failure to give a shit, complete and utter apathy, and not graduating with the carrier’s class.~Urban Dictionary (

Now it’s not as bad as me failing a class, but I have gotten worse when it comes to study habits. I was procrastinating the first week of class. >_> I know I’m going to graduate soon, so I can’t be motivated to want to do work and try my best and be productive…but I’m working on it. I had my first Econ test on Thursday and I think I failed. -_- But I didn’t put much effort into studying so that was my own fault I know. I put my Japanese classes before my Econ class. The good thing is: we take 6 tests, but she only grades 4. So this first test was like a sample of how future tests will be. I’ll get on a more productive schedule! (no guarantees) But I have a history test on Tuesday (that I still need to catch up on all of the textbook readings and work on a study guide with key terms and definitions) and a Japanese quiz the same day. I’m doing fairly well in the Japanese class so I’m not quite worried about that. I also decided to try recording the Japanese lecture for the first time, and it seemed to work out pretty well. You could hear the teacher speaking clearly in the recording, but the girls next to me kept shuffling and making noise, so some parts you can’t hear. That can’t be helped though. But one of the girls needs help in both of the Japanese classes, so I’ll be helping her (I think). It depends on how badly she wants the help. She asked me to help her last semester, but we never met up outside of class or anything, so I didn’t think she wanted the help that badly. If she doesn’t ask to meet up, then I have nothing to lose.

It’s also the first day of black history month! The only time a majority of America will make attempts to pay attention to black people (obviously not everyone will do it). A whole month (kinda? February is the shortest month of the year >_>) dedicated to black people. I saw this video last night and thought it was on point:

Edit: Ok the actual day I posted this was the 2nd day of Black History Month, but it was written on the 1st. ><