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Got 2 new apps from KBS! Can’t wait to use them! 🙂


I just entered the KBS App Download giveaway that I heard about from Korean Vitamin’s blog. It would be nice to win something once in a while 😅 I’ll be back with a real post later!



I’d just like to say: I am officially in the ECON class I wanted, have no problems with financial aid, got my schedule the way I wanted, and all of my questions about upcoming graduation have been answered and there are no problems. Now all I need to do is get through the semester! Registration hassles and everything else I was worried about yesterday are OVER!!!!

Last semester, Let’s do this!!!! 😎

Last Semester!

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I had my last undergraduate first day of school! Haha! The classes don’t seem too terrible, but I can tell I’m going to have a LOT of work in my Japanese classes, hopefully a little less in the other two. I already have a test in my Econ class next week sooo….yeah. But the good thing about this teacher is we have 8 tests, but only 6 are graded. Also, if you get in the 6 tests before finals week, the final becomes optional (yay for one less final!) I’m going to change my Psychology class I think…the teacher was talking about in class experiments/group projects to do in the class, and I don’t mind that in a class of 20/30, but this is a class of 300…yeah. That’s not going to work. So I’m switching out.

I started out procrastinating. There was a history background that we had to read for class today, in Japanese, and I waited until 2 am to start. Just wasn’t ready for my break to be over yet :/ Oh well, I’ll try to stay on top of things from now on. I’m going to talk to my advisor tomorrow about making sure everything is set for me to graduate no problems. I’m also going grocery shopping! I NEED FOOD!!!! I had a piece of bread for breakfast and a mini Reeses cup for lunch after class, then fell asleep since I didn’t sleep much the night before. Now I’m eating a can of mixed vegetables (supposedly healthy?). So yeah I need to buy food.

I also got my scholarship money, YAY!!!! But I still have a $5000+ charge on my account, probably because I’m not officially registered for the ECON class because of a stupid permit that’s required if you’re not an ECON major. Usually scholarship money doesn’t go out until the week after registration so everyone can get their classes together (some scholarship amounts depend on how many hours you take), so I was surprised I received mine so quickly. I’ll trust that everything will work out in the end.

Last night, when I couldn’t sleep well, I listened to the audio from the 연세 한국어 읽기, hoping the lady talking would put me to sleep. I probably listened for an hour and a half before I finally fell asleep. Then I slept for about an hour and a half before I was awaken by Kim Jaejoong to get ready for my first class. No sleep + starvation = NOT GOOD! Never again will I do that…I hope. Since I took a nap from 5 pm to 10 pm, I’m wide awake now. Maybe I’ll use this time to study more Korean xD

A Good End for a Great Beginning

It seems that everyone is doing self reflections at this time. Should I join the bandwagon?

I started 2014 off in a club in Fukuoka, Japan with good friends and a good time. No complaints there, except my clothes smelling like cigarette smoke for about a week, despite washing. So much happened in Japan from January to August, so I may start another category for that later. In short, I enjoyed myself, and if I could go back in time to relive it, I would do that. Came back to America, went to school, got new roommates, but I didn’t really go out much. I guess I’m kind of an introvert, so I never really went out in the past. In Japan, I went out enough to last a lifetime which was even surprising to me. But I went right back into my introverted turtle shell upon my return. I’ve struggled with thinking about what I want to do in the future and started preparations for graduation. Finished this semester with good grades: 4 A’s and 1 B, and I plan to do well in my last semester as well (of course). This is the part where I state New Year’s Resolutions? I read somewhere (where exactly escapes my mind at the moment) that it is not a good idea to make resolutions because they are easily broken (which is true); it’s better to set goals like you would for anything else you want to accomplish. So that’s what I’m going to do. And writing it out here will help when I want to look back and see what kind of goals I set for 2015. Well…it’ll help assuming I can keep up with this blog; I’ve never been good at continuously writing a blog. Anyway, on with the show!!!

Goals for 2015:

  • Korean: Reach TOPIK Level 4 by the end of the year. Looking at my current level, it would obviously take time, so it would probably be best to take the test in October.
  • Japanese: Reach JLPT Level 2 by the end of the year. I will take this test December 2015. The testing systems in Korea and Japan are different. For Korea, there are six levels and the higher you go, the more advanced you are. In Japan, there are five levels, and as you go down a level, the more advanced you are.
  • Live the life I (with a capital I) want to live. Others can give me advice, but in the end, what I want to do will be decided by me.
  • Return to Japan OR travel to Korea. If I make it to one, I assume I’ll make it to the other, because it’s much cheaper going from Kor->Japn/Japn->Kor than it is to go from Amer->Kor/Japn.
  • Learn how to keep in touch with friends. I am so bad at keeping up with people because I stay in my own little world, but I want to keep the amazing people I’ve met in my life. I’m working on it.

Hmm…I thought I wanted to do more in 2015, but I guess not. I’ll probably think of more as I go along with the year. I should also work on going with the flow. I like to be prepared for any and everything, but I know plans may not always go as planned, and I need to work on how to cope with that and not freaking out (it’s pretty bad for me). For now though, I’ll stick to my plans. Welp, this is a fairly new blog (started in November of this year ><), but this is the last post of 2014. I hope everyone else enjoys bringing in the New Year with family/friends/by yourself. How ever you choose to celebrate.

Happy New Year!!!!!! ^_^