Art Takes Time

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that jazz! It’s a day late, but I enjoyed the time with my family so I’m happy. :3 How about you?

Today was the anniversary of DBSK/JYJ’s debut. I didn’t “celebrate” it, but I did do something different-ish. Went to Walmart with my grandma and bought cheap art supplies for my artistic side. I didn’t mention this here, but I found an art outlet that looks really fun. It’s called Mixed Media, and just like it sounds, you use a lot of different media to create an art piece. My favorite person is this vlogger:

Literally all of her work is beautiful! <33

So I don’t want to completely dive into Mixed Media, but I did want to try it at least once. So my plan was to get a new sketchbook that I will draw in to improve my drawing skills, and decorate the cover through Mixed Media. I kind of succeeded? I had a certain image in my head, and of course when I actually did it, it didn’t come out that way…but for my first try, it still came out well…err…okay.

Anyway, pictures!

supplies supplies2

The supplies I bought today.

napkin napkin-back

Started off by applying Mod Podge (basically a glue-like substance) and putting a crumpled napkin around the cover. The crumples add texture to the cover which is good, because I didn’t really like the actual texture of the sketchbook. The crumpled napkins felt good. I thought about putting a second layer on top of the first because napkins tear easily, but I couldn’t be bothered. >_<

colored colored2

I applied gesso (it’s a sealer that allows you to paint on different surfaces) and the paint I bought! It has color!!!

close up finished-flash finished-no flash

Then I glued little trinkets/embellishments/other stuff around the cover. Since I wanted to use the sketchbook, I left the back cover more plain than the front. The quote says “Live the life you imagined.” I would have written that in Sharpie or something, but I couldn’t find any markers around my house -_- Soooo I had to paint it in…I’ve always sucked with paints, so it didn’t turn out the best. Oh well. Even if others can’t read it, it’s my sketchbook. I know what I wanted to write.

I worked on this from about 5:30 (in the evening) to 11:30 (at night), including clean-up time. I don’t think I’ll be doing another one of these for a while…it was fun though.


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