Thank You!

Ok, is it sad that I’m so happy I have four followers! xD Thank you all!!!

Today, I didn’t do anything, but my grandma had lunch with the pastor of our church. We’ve been members since the church started, so naturally we’re all pretty close. Oh yeah, I decided not to go to church last Sunday (if you read my previous post). I was falling asleep by the time my grandparents were waking up, so there was no way I could make it. @_@ My grandma understood though; she knew I would fall asleep. Anyway, Grammy went to lunch with the pastor, and when she came back, she returned with a gift from our pastor! She gave me a Panera Bread gift card, some stuff from Mary Kay, and a book full of inspirational passages based off of scriptures. It’s amazing that even though I haven’t been to church in awhile (it’s gotten a lot harder to go since I’ve been in college and haven’t been home), she still seems to remember what kind of stuff I like. I’ve seen girls my age that like heavy and bold makeup, but that’s just not me. I got sample lip glosses and hand cream (that IS me). Oh and I got two samples of perfume! (I LOVE PERFUME!! One day I want to have a huge collection of perfume bottles, whether they’re full or empty. The bottles are usually pretty too.) Basically, I’m really thankful she still thinks about me. I want to get her a nice gift as well. She usually likes writing in journals, so I’ll probably get a really nice one for her to write in.

Gift from Pastor

Isn’t the bag pretty too?! My favorite color is purple ^_^

I trimmed (with actual hair shears) my split ends yesterday. I had been holding off on it because a lot of people said you really shouldn’t use regular scissors to cut your hair, and I just didn’t want to buy the shears. But I found 3 pairs for ~$11, and the pair I used cut my hair really well. I guess I got rid of all the split ends, haha. I’m still new to taking care of my hair >.< I also deep conditioned. I can tell it’s a LOT more moisturized than before _-_ I just have to keep it up!

I also got new boots! Merry Christmas to me! x3 I bought them for myself cause I was searching for the style of boots with a high heel AND a platform so they would be comfortable. I finally found a pair for $29.40!!! I’ll upload a picture later, because they’re not near me now.

I’m just ranting, so if you’ve made it this far in the post, I applaud you! I’m starting a new “project” for the New Year. In terms of what I said I wanted to do in this post, I think I’ll start the year off focusing on drawing and keeping up with Korean. I have a Japanese class so I don’t have to put too much emphasis on it. In January (New Year’s Resolution that I can hopefully keep up with), I want to do a challenge where I draw something everyday. It doesn’t have to be a complete picture, but at least get in five minutes of drawing time. Since I’ll be bored in class, it shouldn’t be too hard because I’ll most likely doodle on my notes. But that’s the goal-start off small, work my way up. As for Korean…I really don’t have a plan. @_@ I’ll just have to go with the flow on that. After I get in the habit of consistently drawing and studying my languages, then I’ll make time to dance (I’ll work on a plan later).

I can’t believe there is only one more week of December left! This year went by so quickly! I’m sure next year will fly by too-especially since I’ll be preparing for graduation and thinking about what I want to do with my life. I’m still so lost 😦


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