It hasn’t really been an eventful time since I left school. I’m trying to get on a “normal” schedule. I’ve been sleeping during the day and awake pretty much all night lately. Yesterday, I went to the movies with my mom, grandma and younger sister! *the most eventful thing that’s happened since I’ve been back* We saw Annie (the African American/Black version), and it was pretty good. I thought I wouldn’t like it because I really like the original, but for a modern-21st century version, it was pretty good. I also saw one of my younger brother’s drawings from 2012. Really made me want to draw again. I helped teach him how to draw, and at this point he’s probably better than me now. I can’t lose to him! :p

My grandma is supposed to preach in church today (she’s an ordained minister), but I’m not sure if I want to go. I’m sure it would mean a lot to her since it’s the first time she’s preached in a long time, but I just can’t gather the spirit to want to go. I got in such a habit of not going. Truthfully, we could do the same things in our house without going to church-waste of gas and commuting time to get there. There are three other members that consistently go-that’s right three. Not the typical huge church with hundreds of people-three. And we worship in a hotel conference room, far out where nobody lives. Why? I just don’t see the point anymore…it’s almost 8:30am here. If I can sleep for a bit before it’s time to get ready to leave for church, then maybe I’ll go. Had another all-nighter tonight :/


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