How long has it been since I made a post? Not too long I think, but it feels like it’s been forever. In the midst of trying to plan for my future, I got caught up in a whirlwind of “I still don’t know what the heck I want to do with my life.” I was hoping to do graduate school in Korea, but I’m not sure exactly what I would major in. I want to do Digital Media/Mass Communications, but I have no experience and it’s not related to my current major (in my undergrad). I have a few computer science classes under my belt, but I don’t think that would convince whichever university I want to go to that I have background knowledge in the area. I’ve also seen videos about some of the worst things to major in (even before watching the videos, I could tell you my major was on the list), and at first that discouraged me a little more. In the middle of watching one video, I realized these are short-sighted predictions based on what’s happening and what location they’re in now. Most of the videos were by Americans, so they’re only thinking about some of the worst majors for Americans IN America. What if I want to work outside of the country? You can’t tell me those same majors are useless. People that major in English (not me by the way) are said to have a bad job because all they can do is become a teacher. Yeah in America, that may lead to a job that would have to be emotionally satisfying (teachers in America aren’t paid anything basically), but they’re highly valued in places like Japan and Korea, and I’m sure those aren’t the only two places in the entire world where they’re looking and paying high salaries for teachers to teach their students English. I know not everyone wants to travel the world like I do, but it really is a good option to think about. If there aren’t too many options available in your area, look somewhere else. The world is full of places to go. Don’t limit yourself.

As for self-study:

I’ve been glancing at this Yonsei Reading book, but haven’t really had the time to get to it without feeling guilty about not focusing on my other work that’s actually required for school. I actually realized that in addition to the essay for my History class and project in my Japanese class, I have another essay I have to write in Japanese as my final paper. We finished our presentations Monday, so I had the illusion that I was completely done with the class, then realized I had the paper to go along with the presentation. I also FINALLY got my book for my history class, so I have to read that. I had to ask Amazon to send a replacement copy cause there’s no telling what happened to it at the post office. -_- Oh well, at least I got it. If I work hard, I can finish my Japanese essay (it’s due by 9 tonight and it’s 3:31AM now), and work on my Japanese project. If I need a break, I’ll read the book (there are 8 chapters and none of them are extremely long-just bearable). Then I’ll need to study for my Korean test on Monday (She’s letting us choose to take it either Monday, Wednesday or Friday, so I want to get it out of the way so I can be done by Tuesday). I plan to be finished with the book by Monday (206 pages in my native language is considered nothing), and done with the essay and whatever else I have to do on Tuesday. But back to the self study! So far, I’ve only read one essay and done the activities for that essay. I did find a site called Quick Korean that was blogged about by Korean Vitamin ( She posted one of the 3rd level courses and blogged about it, and through that, I was also able to watch it (I think you HAVE to register for the site). The lesson was good and it was taught all in Korean. Yay! for listening practice!!! I really liked the layout of the video too. First it starts with a short conversation, then explains the objectives of the lesson. Then they review the conversation (along with a transcript) explaining words that may not be known (still all in Korean). Following that, they have questions about the conversation/what was said as a review. Then they go on to explain the grammar (there were 2 points in this lesson) with examples, and review different examples. Then they have more listening exercises! To finish it off, they go over words and expressions that could be related to the topic. For this one, they were talking about “Personality”, so some of the words were impatient (at least that’s how I understood the explanation for it), quiet, calm. etc. The vocab/expression list wasn’t long so it wasn’t overwhelming, but you still learn something new (at least I did, but that could be because my vocab level isn’t where it’s supposed to be I think…) Anyway, all in all, it seems like a good program and I want to jump into it after I’ve finished my school work. I was hoping for the month of December to develop a schedule for studying so I could hit the ground running come New Year (when everyone is making their resolutions and stuff). I wanted to develop the habit of studying before the resolution so I can set goals and be more disciplined when it comes to attaining them.

If you couldn’t tell already, I am extremely bad with time management (as you can see in the above). This is another reason I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to handle a Master’s degree in who-knows-what. I should probably be better able to manage my time before I take on something of that proportion. But I do know that when it all comes down to it, I’ll get it done when it needs to be done cause that’s who I am. Welp, off to write this essay!


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