I FINALLY got my Korean books yesterday! I’m happy, but at the same time I really don’t like our postal service; at least not where I live anyway. America’s a big country so the experience is certainly different everywhere,  but where I live, the service is terrible.  I was expecting another book that I ordered from Amazon to come the same day as the Korean books, but I didn’t get it. Both packages were technically supposed to come Friday, but that didn’t happen.  When I finally got my Korean books on Saturday, I was more than disappointed that the other book didn’t come with it. It clearly showed that the book reached the post office a good while before the trucks would have been dispersed, so why was it not on the truck? I can only hope to get it Monday because I need it for a class, but there’s no telling what’s going to happen.

I’m back at my dorm from a holiday (Thanksgiving) and I can’t say I missed my roommates talking loudly. It’s especially annoying when I’m trying to get work done.

Anyway, focus on the good! My Korean books came!!! Thank you TwoChois!!!! Came wrapped perfectly in bubble wrap and an extra layer of plastic wrap. I also got a free High Cut magazine. That thing is huge! O.o I had limited luggage space, so I just brought 3 of the books I ordered because those were the ones I thought I would use right away. Since I’m going home again in about a week and a half, it’s not a big deal.

20141129_171159[1] 20141129_171238[1] 20141129_171256[1] 20141129_171927[1]

I have my big presentation tomorrow, it’s 9:20 pm, and I’ve still barely started. @.@ It’s going to be a long night *sigh*


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