Noooooooo!!!! But yay!!!

Apparently my package was supposed to show up today (I was expecting it much later) and they came earlier than ever. So when they came, I was sleep and there was no one else in the house to answer the door. -_- Usually we don’t get our mail until 6 pm, but they decided to come early in the morning. *-* But I was able to put it up for redelivery, and can get it Friday (tomorrow-Thursday-is a holiday which is why I didn’t expect it to come so quickly). So now I’m waking up at 8 am and not going anywhere; completely ready to get my package. I also had to order a textbook that I need for one of my classes which cost about $50, and I’m expecting that on Friday too. I guess I get a lot of “Christmas gifts” on Friday. Haha, it’ll be a good day.

Also, Friday is a “holiday” called Black Friday. Every year, the Friday after Thanksgiving, almost every store has a lot of sales and discounts to take advantage of, so people prepare to go out and get to the stores as early as possible (usually around midnight on the day). So we may go shopping, but I don’t want to buy anything xD I spent ~$100 on the Korean books then another $50 on that textbook, so I’m not looking forward to anymore spending until I get a job. @_@

Other than missing the package, it’s been a really good day! I posted that I wanted a MacBook Air for Christmas on Facebook (my current computer has had problems ever since I bought it, so I finally got tired of it-it’s only been a year; aren’t computers supposed to last for 3 years?), and my dad bought one for me!!! Yay!!! So I’m typing this from my new laptop. I would be drinking hot chocolate to make it a perfect night, but I’m clumsy, and if I spilled anything on this laptop, I would kill myself. @_@

Now if only my dad could get me an internship or a job or something. The hard thing (at least it seems to me) about trying to work in America, is I either need a car to drive somewhere or some type of experience in the work I want to do. I don’t have money for a car now (even if I did get a job because I had a car, I doubt my starting salary would be enough to help me pay for the car in addition to all the other stuff I have to pay for), and I can’t get experience if all the jobs are looking for people that already have experience! That makes no sense. One day, I really would like to be making enough money where I can provide for my parents as well to pay back what they’ve done for me. I’m so grateful for my family!


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