School is a Pain

I just can’t seem to get into this Korean self-study thing, but I guess one of the reasons is the timing I chose to start. I’m done with most of my tests for this semester, but now I have loads of projects and essays that I have to complete which takes more time than studying for a test would. :/ If you work and/or study while self-studying Korean, how do you motivate yourself to do it as often as you do?

Over the 3 years I’ve learned Korean, in addition to the textbook I used for class, I was going along with the Talk To Me in Korean lessons as well, so I finished most of the curriculum I think. While I may understand grammar points, my vocabulary level is really low. I don’t even know how many words I actually remember. Sometimes they say you should know XXX words at XX level, but I don’t know how many words I actually know. The textbook we’ve been using in class (from Integrated Korean Beginning up to the Intermediate 2 book) has been good, but that series was all I really used for studying Korean so I guess I’m bored with it now, haha. I ordered the Yonsei Reading Book 3 from TwoChois a while ago, so I’m expecting that in the mail soon (probably after 2 weeks). Judging from other reviews of the book, it seems like it’s a little above my level-just enough to give me a challenge without completely discouraging me from learning Korean. I also ordered 2 만화 and Korean Family Foods (the Japanese version) for when I get tired of doing heavy reading. As I wait for those books, I think I’ll hold off on doing extra work. I should be focused on trying to finish out the semester.


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