My Plan(?)

Ok I’m going to try to come up with a plan for what I want to do when I actually start studying Korean (not quite a schedule, but things I want to accomplish).


  • Triangle-I am a huge Kim Jaejoong fan, and I do like watching him grow through acting. Quite a few people said the drama was pretty good (fans and non-fans), so I would like to get into that. It seems like a melodrama and I’m more of a comedy person, so we’ll see how this goes.
  • My Name is Kim Sam Soon-I think this was popular when it came out? Not quite sure now. But I started downloading the audio for the show, so I would like to watch it in addition to listening to it.


  • Yonsei Reading (Book 3)-ordered this from TwoChois about a week ago, so I’m expecting to get that soon. I think there were about 30 lessons, so I should be able to get through one lesson a day for one month, which doesn’t seem to be too much to handle. But then again, I don’t have the book yet, so we’ll see how much work it is when I actually get it.
  • TTMIK Iyagi-not a traditional textbook, but I at least want to read, listen to, and understand at least 5 in the series (they have quite a bit to choose from).
  • KoreanClass101-go through a few lessons on Korean Class. I’ve been subscribed to this since I entered college, but I never really looked at the site. I would look at the “Korean Word of the Day” or the “Sentence of the Day” and that was it. Never really focused on it, but I don’t know why.


  • Big Bang Autobiography-a lot of people said this was a good novel to start off with, for Big Bang fans and non-fans, so I caved in and bought it haha. I am a fan of Big Bang, and recently I’ve been listening to their songs a lot more, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this book as well.
  • A Scholar That Walks in the Night-I guess since the very first K-drama I watched was a sageuk and that was kind of like my introduction to Korean culture, I’ve been really attracted to them. This manhwa is a sageuk (manhwa-style…what do you call those? Just a historical manhwa??) and when I saw it, I wanted to buy it right away, but I don’t think TwoChois had it at the time (and I wasn’t sure where else to buy it at the time), and I was pressed for money (I’m still a broke college student). But now, I was finally able to buy it (2 volumes) and I know it’ll have some “funky” sageuk speech, but I don’t mind that. 🙂

I think all of this should keep me busy for the month of December. I would like to get my books before December 1st, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, which is why I’m glad I have TTMIK and Korean Class 101 to work on online. I have one presentation in Korean on Monday November 24th, one in Japanese on December 1st, an essay due before December 11th, and another presentation due on December 9th. Then I have a final on December 10th. If I time my stuff right, I can get everything done without it being too much of a hassle. 화팅!!!

I also just Skyped with one of my closest Japanese friends. We talked a lot more in Japanese, which I am very grateful for, so my Japanese doesn’t all go down the drain while I’m not in Japan and not trying to speak Japanese outside of class (granted there aren’t many Japanese people where I live…). She’s also really good in English, so if I don’t understand something, she’s usually able to explain it to me with a mix of English and Japanese.


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