Just want to say I ate a banana for breakfast, and my grandma’s homemade lasagna for lunch and dinner. Yum! I also had another banana and made lemon tea to go with it. I guess I need more veggies in my life…

Anyway, I planned to take the intermediate level TOPIK Mock Test today, and I looked at the questions, and couldn’t understand most of the important bits so I was just guessing (all wrong answers); I couldn’t even attempt to figure it out. T_T So I stopped with the test, and listened to Korean audio instead. I have the extracted audio from 내 이름은 김삼순 (My Name is Kim Sam Sun), so I listened to the first 10 minutes of the first episode. Despite how popular the show was while it was still airing, I’ve never seen it (but I was able to get the gist of what I listened to, yay!). I will listen to the audio first and write down what I think is happening (this will be in English for now, but eventually I’ll work my way up to Korean). I hope to listen to and comprehend about 10 minutes each day (still getting my feet wet haha). When I finish an episode, I’ll go over the transcript that I found, to make sure I understood. Maybe I’ll watch the episode again with English subtitles to see if there was something important that I missed, I’m not sure yet (yay for not having a concrete study plan!). I also had class today (an hour long) and we have group projects where we teach the class 3 한자성어(basically Korean sayings that stem from Chinese characters) and 3속담 (proverbs), so one of the groups presented theirs today.

I also listened to a Japanese drama CD. One of my favorite anime is called 彩雲国物語(さいうんこくものがたり->Saiunkoku Monogatari). It’s a historical anime, but I like to think I know where to draw the line in terms of what sayings are frequently used now and what will make me sound like I came from the late 13th century. It’s about a girl who likes to study and wants to take part in government, but go figure, women aren’t allowed to participate in government affairs. It took forever to find the drama CDs, but now I have a whole playlist of them! When it was still airing, it seemed impossible to find, but now that it’s over, it’s not terribly hard to find; BUT, since it’s not one of the more popular anime, it’s still troublesome finding some things. My two major weaknesses in Japanese are speaking and Kanji *-* When I get off of my (well-deserved?) break, I’ll shadow the drama CD. I found the light novels as well, so tomorrow I’ll use that as reading practice. 頑張らなきゃ。。

If anyone ever comes to look at my blog (doubt it), here’s the link where I found the transcript and audio for My Name is Kim Sam Sun:

Also, here’s a link if you’re interested in the first audio drama for Saiunkoku Monogatari:

The drama is pretty short and easy to take in, so I really like it. ^^

Edit: I just remembered I also have a Japanese “project” due tomorrow. We have to find an English page that’s not translated into Japanese, and translate it. I can’t remember if we have to do about one or two pages. @_@ I’ll take a nap then work on it. This semester is almost over! I need a break to catch up on the dramas I want to watch!!!


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